SafeNow is an app for Android smartphones and tablets. Its primary goal is to provide you piece-of-mind that your loved ones are safe when they are away.

​Do you have children attending college and want to know if they are safe? Do you worry about your spouse when he/she is on business trips? Do you worry about the safety of your children at home or school while you're working? Do you worry about the well-being of your elderly parents? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then SafeNow may be the answer you're looking for. SafeNow attempts to make it as easy as possible for your loved ones to let you know that they are safe. When SafeNow is run, it posts a simple status update with date and time, indicating that they are safe. No more lengthy and repetitive texts required.


  • Display a list of SafeNow users you follow, including their last status update (date and time).
  • Your status is automatically updated every time you launch the app.
  • Display a list of SafeNow users that follow you.
  • Send status update request to a SafeNow user that you follow.
  • Daily notification to update your status, you set the time.
  • Send and receive reminders with users you follow.
  • Create reminders for yourself. Display your reminders on the home screen using the reminders widget.
  • Require PIN entry upon app launch, to help prevent false status updates, in case your device is lost or stolen. (optionally enabled)

SafeNow makes it easy for your loved ones to let you know they are safe

Please keep the following in mind when using this app...

  1. SafeNow simply displays the date and time the application was last opened by users that you follow. It is completely up to each user to periodically run the app to update their status, but all they need to do is open the app, witch automatically updates your status, and exit.

  2. If you are expecting your loved one to update their status, and they have not done so, it does not necessarily mean they are not safe. Failure to update status could simply mean: a) they forgot to update their status, b) their device ran out of battery power, c) they lost or left behind their device, or d) their device has been stolen. If you're not seeing status updates when you expect them, contact your loved one like you normally would (e.g. call them, text them). 
  3. Seeing regular status updates does not guarantee that everything is fine with your loved one. If your loved one does not use a PIN to protect status update entry, and if their device is lost or stolen, it is then possible that another party may update status by running the app. Using a PIN is highly recommended to help prevent this possible issue.
  4. If you have sent a status update request to a user, and you're still waiting for a reply, it may just be that the servers are not pushing requests fast enough, and there could just be a delay in sending the request to the user. If it's urgent that you determine a user's status immediately, consider using other forms of communication (e.g. call them, text them).